• 285-428111 C-Chassis - 380 Motor

  • $12.00


For Litehawk NOMAD

With the Rear Wheels removed, follow above instructions to remove the Upper and Lower Suspension Arms from the Chassis only, and remove the screw holding the Upper shock to the Shock Tower, every thing can remain attached to the Wheel Hubs. Now remove the six screws holding Rear Upper Cover or Motor Hatch, in place, and set aside.


Remove the Rear Bumper and set aside. 

Remove the remaining screws from the bottom of the Rear Chassis 


Take note of the wiring route of the Motor wires before removing.


Unplug the Motor from the ESC. and lift out the Motor and Gear Box Assembly. You can now remove the Rear Tie Rods from the Wheel Hubs and Lower Chassis if you need to replace them.


 Remove the Shock Tower Assembly from the Gear Box Housing, as well as the two Toe Blocks, from the front and rear of the Gear Box Housing.


Remove the three screws from the Motor Access Hatch, and carefully remove from the Gear Box Housing. Be careful of the Spur Gear Pin Bearing, just underneath the hatch, you don't want to lose that. Remove the two screws securing the Motor in place, and lift out. Just reverse the procedure to reinstall.