• 285-428009 C-Chassis - Front/Rear Hub

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For LiteHawk CRUSHER MT, SCOUT and NOMAD Wheel Hub:

Follow the above instructions to remove a Wheel, pictures show the shock removed as well, this isn't necessary, it is just easier for pictures.

These instructions cover all four Wheel Hubs.. they are all the same.

With the Wheel out of the way, remove the screws holding the Upper and Lower Suspension Arms to the Wheel Hub, and twist them off the Ball Sockets. Also remove the screw holding the Suspension Link ( Rear ) or Suspension Steering Link ( Front ) ( They are both the same Link.. just attached to steering at the front and the Chassis at the Rear )


You can access the Parts of the Wheel hub at this point. All parts for the Wheel Hubs are the same, except for the Axles.. Front and Rear are different, but they are mounted to the Hubs the same.


Carefully reverse procedure to reassemble.