Fire Rescue and Marine Unit are dispatched directly from LiteHawk Headquarters to handle all marine emergencies!
With a classic hull design, emergency rescue boats slice through the waves with ease. They have a very low center of gravity, with the large water cannon pump located centrally and low in the hull, with added balance weights for perfect stability to take on those waves. Using twin-engine pods that are mounted into the exterior of the hull - makes these boats very maneuverable indeed!
Once on the scene, use the integrated front-firing Water Canon! You have an endless supply of water because there is no internal tank. Instead, a powerful pump draws water from directly below the ship!
With motor engines being cooled within their own pods while moving in water, their heat isn't being added to the interior of the boat. Little heat build-up from the water pump also helps create a cooler atmosphere for the ESC/Receiver, located up in the highest part of the boat's cabin, the safest place if there is a water leak.
These two sibling ships share the same features with unique paint schemes. Sturdy “Solid Color” PVC Hull absorbs impacts - also hides scratches and scuff marks!
Instruction Manuals for the Emergency Boats