• 285-3503 NEON MINI AUTO Battery

  • $7.00



 Accessing The MINI NEON'S Battery:

  • Open the Battery Hatch Door on the bottom of the NEON MINI AUTO by pressing down on the Grip Tab that holds it closed. The Door will swing open on its hinges. 


  •  With the Battery Hatch Door open, you can now begin to remove the battery. Take careful note, of how the wiring is folded into place to be able to close the battery door when reinstalling the battery. It has to be snug so that the battery won't shift in flight. 


  • Carefully unplug the battery from the drone, don't pull on the wires, pull on the connectors, and they will separate without breaking any wires. 


  • Remove the battery from the drone for charging.


  • When reinstalling the battery, make sure that the start switch is turned off until you need it.


How to Charge The LiteHawk MINI NEON:

Your LiteHawk NEON MINI AUTO comes with a Li-Po battery which is inside the model. You should expect a 5-8 minute run time. However you do need to make sure to properly maintain your Li-Po Battery. 

  • Li-Po batteries don't like to be run down too low. If the voltage is dropped below 3.6V they may be damaged and not recharge! Once the model starts to slow down (the lights will also begin to blink on the NEON MINI AUTO), fly your model to a safe place, walk over and tukrn it off. 
  • It is recommended to charge the battery before your first flight and after all other flights and to always store your battery with a charge. Never discharge or dead short a Li-po battery! Always have your model turned off and the battery unplugged when not in use.
  • Plug the USB into your computer, TV,  Surge Protector, or USB wall adapter (not included) to charge NEON MINI. Don't use a USB power source with a higher output than 5V 2A (2000mA). Just insert the included USB charging plug into the USB port. The USB plug will light up red, which indicates power to the charger.


    • Plug the battery into the other end of the cable.. it only fits one way.. and the red light on the charger will go out.. which indicates that the charger has started to charge the battery.


    • Charging times vary but can be as high as 60 minutes depending on the state of the battery's charge and output of the charging power source.
    •  When it's done charging, the light will come back on. It's that easy!


    • When storing NEON for more than a day, fully charge the battery to preserve its condition and fitness.
    • Replace your battery into the drone, but don't reconnect it until you are ready to fly! 
    • Always let your battery cool down after a flight before charging it. Charging a hot Li-Po battery will damage it.
    • Fully charged, your battery should read 4.2 volts.
    • When your drone begins to slow down.. stop.. let things cool off, and recharge the battery. It should not read below 3.7 volts.. never fully deplete a Li-Po battery of its charge.