• 285-2422 Police Marine Unit - Front Cannon

  • $4.00



The Police Marine Unit Front Cannon is a Water Cannon that is capable of delivering a steady flow of water about 6 ft. When attached to the gear works and the water pump below the Main Deck, the Water Cannon can be rotated left and right, and has about 300 degrees of coverage to shoot at. In short bursts or a sustained stream of water, the water pump takes water directly from below the hull, a never-ending source.  So either pretending to shut down a fire, or quietly cooling off your Mom and Dad while playing in the pool, the water cannon is fun. 

  This Cannon is secured to the Gearing below the top deck by three screws, and the water hose from the water pump.  The housing for the Cannon can also be removed with just three screws, but not necessary if you are replacing the whole Cannon.

  When finished playing for the day, don't leave any moisture trapped in your toy. The humidity created below the deck can cause corrosion at electrical connections that can cause problems. Make sure the boat is fully drained, blow the water from the water cannon by blowing through the hole in the bottom of the boat until clear.