• 285-2424 Emergency Rescue Boats Enclosed Boat Motor - in Sealed Pod W/ Propellor Shaft

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    Emergency Rescue Boats Enclosed Boat Motor Pod 

  This enclosed Boat Motor is anchored to the exterior of the Hull through a hole designed for it in the indentations at the rear of the Hull. The Wiring Harness has a plug-in connector for the ESC/Receiver board, no soldering is required, just plug and play. The connection Shaft has a silicone "O" ring to prevent water from entering the Hull of the boat through the connection hole. Being completely enclosed outside of the Hull keeps the heat from the motor from building up in the interior of the boat, and that protects the ESC. The boat motor is now cooled off just by its movement through the water it is sitting in, perfect.

  To remove the Boat Motor you must remove the Top Deck. Start with removing the rear helipad deck cover, by pulling it up and away. Secured in four corners with pressure posts made to withstand your pulling it up and away. Or a flat screwdriver and slip it under the four corners and give it a twist until they are all loose, then pull it up and away.  Now you have access to the 13 screws holding the upper deck to the hull. When removed, you can carefully lift the upper deck from the hull. 

   To remove the Boat Motors connection to the ESC/Receiver board, you must remove the two screws holding the ESC cover box from the upper deck. You will also have to carefully remove the Silicone Caulking/Glue from the hole in the ESC cover box and from the wires passing through that hole. Carefully scrape and pull the caulking away, until you can move the cover box out of the way, and unplug the Boat Motor from the ESC/Receiver board. Then manipulate the wiring harnesses to get the correct one to the side with the larger hole in the cover box, and slide the harness connector out of the cover box. 

   The hole in the Hull that receives the post of the Motor Pod, is a hollow shaft, it is sealed by the "O" ring on the Pod Shaft and Silicone Caulking at the top of the shaft in the Hull once the Motor Pod Shaft is through it. There is also a plastic "C" clip that connects to the top of the Motor Pods Shaft, to help hold it in place. To remove the pod, you must remove the Silicone Caulking from the Pods post, and shaft, to carefully remove the "C" clip. Now if you take a flat screwdriver and carefully lever the Motor Pod slightly away from the Hull and out at the same time. Work from the front of the motor until you see it loose enough to just pull out with your fingers. 

  Reverse this sequence to replace. Don't forget to caulk the hole at the top of the shaft,  with a silicone caulking to seal it up.