• 285-400241 RUMBLER - Radio Controller

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Binding your LiteHawk RUMBLER to the Radio: This Radio/Controller needs two "AA" batteries to function.

Ready to play.. Turn on the controller first, the power light will come on blinking


  Now turn the RUMBLERS start switch on, and the controllers power light will turn off. The controllers power light will light up when ever you activate a control and move the RUMBLER.


  LiteHawk RUMBLER Controls:

 The controller has two control sticks, and the left stick controls the Forward and Backward motion or the RUMBLER. The right stick controls the direction that the RUMBLER will turn. Keep the right stick all the way to the side and it will spin in place.


 Press the Right button on the top of the Controller, and the RUMBLERS wheels will lay flat. Press the Left button on the top of the Controller and the RUMBLERS wheels will return to the upright position. 


  Have Fun!!