• WC003 - Front End Loader Wee Construction

  • $13.00


This Litehawk radio control Front End Loader must be used with matching controller WC004 - they share a unique frequency of 27MHz.


 Charging the WEE Front End Loader:

   Remove the Front End Loader from the display stand by sliding it backwards off of the stand.


   Remove the controller and antenna from underneath the display stand, and assemble. Make sure that the controller and the Front End Loader are both turned off. Only turn them on while in use.


    Now access the charging cable that is inside your controller. There is a compartment on the right side of the controller, just open the hatch and carefully stretch out the connector and wires. 


   Now turn on the controller and plug the connector into the Loader's charging port, making sure that the Loader is still turned off for charging. A green LED light will be on indicating charging, and will turn off when charging is complete.


   Now you can disconnect the charging cable, and tuck it away. Now fully extend your antenna, and turn on the WEE Loader with the controller already on.


   The Controllers Red LED light will light up when connected to the WEE Loader for movement.


   Please fully charge the WEE Loader before and after using. If Storing for a long time, consider maintenance charges every other month or so, to keep the Lipo battery from degrading over time without use. Store in a room temp. dry location, out of the sun.