• 285-684014 CIRCUIT - Complete Bridge - 2 x Lower, 2 x Upper and 4 Supports

  • $16.00


Double Lane Lower Bridge, Curved Down Track:

This short piece of curved downward or concave in shape track, is the beginning or the end, of a raised bridge section. When it is coupled with the number 6 track which curves up, you will have the beginning of a low bridge. Another pair of numbers 5 and 6 and it will get higher, or turn the second pair of 5 and 6 around and a short bridge is complete. This piece is very similar to piece number 3, but shorter. 




 Number 6   Double Lane Upper Bridge,  Curved up track:

This short piece of curved upward or convex in shape track, is the upper section of the bridge. It will connect to another 6 to make a low bridge or another 5 to make it higher. It could connect to a straight piece to extend a bridge and make it longer.



Use CIRCUIT Complete Bridge as replacement sections or to expand your layout!

Tip: Track Maintenance - Always disconnect the power supply from the track before cleaning the track surface. Clean the track surface and the grooves with a dry cloth only. Do not use cleaning agents!

LiteHawk CIRCUIT - Fitting the Track Pieces together

Putting the track sections together the first time, requires two strong hands, as they are a very tight fit. You want a tight fit so that the track doesn't wiggle and start to pull apart from the force and weight of the cars racing. Putting the pieces together the second time around, is much easier, but still a nice tight fit. 


Each track piece has electrical connections for both lanes. One side is a female connection, and the other side is a male connection. The Male connection can be sharp. Always be aware of these sharp connections, as you pressure them together. Never push or pull anywhere near them - you don't want to bend or damage them in any way, or yourself.


Line up two pieces of track with the electrical connectors just started together.


Then push one side (one lane) as far in as you can with both hands. That will leave the other lane almost separated but not quite.


Now turn the two pieces of track around, and with two hands press the other lane together, very firmly.


This may have dislodged the other lane a little, if it has, turn it around, and with both hands firmly press it back together again.

The first time around you may have to work the pieces back and forth a few times until you are satisfied with the connection, and the little tab locks are all in place.