• 285-684009 CIRCUIT - Power Base with Lap Counter (1 pc)

  • $40.00


Replacement for use only with LiteHawk CIRCUIT.


Practice mode:
When you slide the switch to the right you have selected "PRACTICE MODE". This mode will allow you to drive and hone your skills. This mode does not limit laps or use the electronic lap counter.

Race mode:
When you slide the switch to the left you have selected "RACE MODE". Race mode accesses the lap counter and using the arrow buttons you can create your race distances. Races can be as short as a 1 lap sprint or a 99 lap endurance race. As a handicap you can also create different lap lengths to equal out drivers skill levels. Increase or decrease the laps using the arrow keys.

Reset/Go button:
When in Race mode and the race distance has been set. To start the race push the Reset/Go button. The LED lights on the LAP Counter will flash as a count down to the start of the race. This delivers power to the cars at the same time. TIP: you can hold the Throttle on the controller in any position to give you a hard launch off the line - this is also called Launch Control!

Race End:
As the laps wind down and the winner crosses the Start/Finish line, the power to both controllers will be cut. The LED's on the Lap counter will flash on the race winner! With the power to both lanes cut you can see the true separation of the victory!

Short Circuit Protection:
Your new slot car set has built-in electrical protection. If the Short Circuit Protection is activated, the lap counter display will start to blink continuously and power to the track will be stopped. Should this happen, investigate track sections for any small metal debris and check the metal pick-up braids on the car are set properly.