• 285-429032 B-Chassis Steering Servo Mount

  • $5.00


For use with LiteHawk ACE 4x4: 

Steering Servo Mount

    To remove the Servo, take out the two screws holding it to the Chassis, from the bottom of the Chassis.


Then all you need do is remove the screw from the Servo horn and pull the horn off of the Servo and it is free to remove. 


You will need to remove the Servo Bracket from the Servo, and install it on a new Servo if it is being replaced. 


Tip: The Servo Unit can be removed with out any problems by itself, without removing anything else. Once the two screws from the bottom of the Chassis are removed, it can be manipulated to where you can remove the Steering Drag link from the Servo Horn, then lift out. Just pop the socket off of the Ball.