• 285-428131 CRUSHER EVO - Radio

  • $25.00


  A 2.4GhZ controller, that pairs with your CRUSHER EVOYou will never need a specific frequency ever again! They now all run on the new 2.4 gHz frequency hopping system. You can run as many as you would like at the same time. The trick is to turn on a controller first,
then the truck. Then turn on the second controller (a few meters away from the first) and if no interference, turn on the second truck. Then the third controller.... and on.

  When you turn on your controller a solid red light and a blinking green light should come on. When bound to the truck the blinking green light should turn solid, indicating a successful sync'.

  As the battery loses its power in the controller, the range it has to remain connected will reduce. It is always a good idea to do a range check before starting your run, and fresh batteries if needed. 

  This controller is not compatible with the MT model.