• 285-428092 CRUSHER EVO - Pre-built Differential 1 piece

  • $8.00


  This component is ONLY for the CRUSHER EVO. Please do not pair with the original CRUSHER MT.

  Comes loaded with all internals. Diff. drive cups are securing the bearings to the Diff. It is all set to load into your gearbox.

  The differential is a set of gears that allows power to be delivered through the axels. In this case, since the CRUSHER EVO is rear-wheel drive, the rear differential (or rear diff.) varies the power delivered to both wheels. Depending on whether the vehicle is turning, staying in a straight line, or turning hard, the diff controls how much power is sent to the inner and outer wheels while turning.

If your CRUSHER EVO is having difficulty turning, responding to turning, or staying locked in a straight line, you may want to check out the differential and the rear gearbox.