• 285-428087 CRUSHER EVO - ESC 1 piece

  • $20.00


  The CRUSHER EVO ESC is the brain of the CRUSHER EVO, and all LiteHawk toys have their own form of ESC.  The ESC or Electronic Speed Control is responsible for understanding variable throttle input. Similar to when you step on the gas in your car, the ESC controls the amount of speed transmitted from your controller to your toy when you pull the throttle. This will allow you to go full throttle on the straights and slow down at a turn maintaining all the speed you need to still make the turn but not flip over. The tighter the turn, the slower you need to be, but still want to be at the top of the power curve. This ESC will provide that exceptional control!

  This EVO ESC comes with a male Deans connector for attaching to the EVO battery.

  This EVO ESC is not compatible with the MT model.