• 285-428086 CRUSHER EVO - 7.2V 1100 mAh Nimh Battery 1 piece

  • $25.00


 The heart of the CRUSHER EVO, is the 7.2v 1100 mAh Nimh Battery. Powering the Lights, Steering, and motor. This combination is responsible for creating 40 km/h or 25 mph speeds and Big smiles all day long.

  This battery comes with a Female Deans connector on it, to fit both the EVO battery charger and the EVO battery connection at the Truck which has male connectors on them.

  Only use the CRUSHER EVO Charger for Recharging this battery, it's made for it. When finished a run, let the battery cool down for about 10 minutes before recharging, or damage may result.

  This battery when fully charged will have about 8.6V. When it begins to slow down, stop, turn the truck off, then your controller. Let the battery cool off then recharge. If putting a second battery into the truck, just let the motor cool down for about 5 minutes before resuming play.

  This battery serves as a replacement if you should ever need a new one. Many owners run with extra batteries to extend their playtime. Please read all warnings, precautions, safety protocol, and charging procedures and refer to the manual for safe charging before using.

  This EVO battery is not compatible with the MT model.