• 285-428085 CRUSHER EVO - Oil Shocks Hop-Up Part (Oil, Pair) W/Spring Stiffeners

  • $15.00


  The CRUSHER EVO Oil Shocks W/Spring Stiffeners. These shocks are made of metal,  lubricated, and equipped with internal oil. This provides a higher level of performance, as the metal is lubricated with oil increasing response rate and a more immediate level of suspension dampening. These shocks have advanced performance, while still retaining high endurance/durability. There are 2 spare spring stiffeners that you can add to the shock body just above the spring to stiffen it up if you need to on those tough terrains. These shocks are sold online only.

These shocks are an upgrade or Hop-Up part for the CRUSHER EVO and can be placed on the original CRUSHER MT.

This piece is sold as a pair of 2 shocks.