• 285-428027 C-Chassis - Steering Servo

  • $8.00


For LiteHawk CRUSHER MT, SCOUT and NOMAD - The Steering Servo sits in its own little sealed up compartment, safe from dirt and debris, hidden under the front upper cover. 

Servo Unit , Servo Horn and Steering Links:

With the Front Wheels removed, follow above instructions to remove the Upper and Lower Suspension Arms from the Chassis only, and remove the screw holding the Upper shock to the Shock Tower, every thing can remain attached to the Wheel Hubs.

Now remove the six screws holding the Servo, or Front Upper Chassis Cover, in place.

Remove the two remaining screws from the Lower Chassis.

The Front Bulkhead/Shock Tower Assembly will now come off, and you can set this aside. Remove the Screw holding the Servo Horn to the Servo, and gently pull off. If you only need to access the Steering links, you can now remove the screws from the Servo Horn and the Wheel Hubs and replace.


Now remove the Battery Hatch and unplug the Servo Wiring Harness from the ESC. and remove the two screws holding the Servo in place, and lift out.


Carefully reverse procedure to reinstall.