• 285-428024 C-Chassis - Tires (Pair)

  • $15.00


For LiteHawk CRUSHER MT -  Tires will fit both the front or the rear of LiteHawk CRUSHER MT!   Foam filled monster tires with a large Hex Nut impression on the inside of the wheel to accommodate a large Hex Nut, fit to the Axle.

Wheel Removal.

The Front and the Rear Wheel removal is the same.

LiteHawk has supplied a 5.5mm socket wrench to remove Wheels from your vehicle. Remove the Ny-loc Wheel nut with the supplied wrench.

Pull off the Wheel.

Be careful of the Hex nut underneath the Wheel. It just slides on and off, it holds the Axle pin in the Axle by enclosing it in a slot. If it slips off a bit on the Axle, the Axle pin may slip out.