• 285-428007 C-Chassis - Upper Control Arm

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LiteHawk CRUSHER MT/Scout Upper Control Arm:

Follow the above instructions for removing a Wheel and Shock.

These instructions cover all four Upper Arms.. they are all the same.

Now you have to remove the Front Bumper. Two screws from the front of the bumper and two screws from the Chassis bottom.


Set the bumper aside and remove the Bumper Reinforcement or Compression Spring, and set it aside as well.

Now you can remove the Upper Suspension Hinge Pin from the Chassis and remove the screw from the ball joint holding the Arm to the Wheel Hub. 

Gently twist the Upper Arm off of the Ball socket on the Wheel Hub.

Carefully snap the Upper Arm on to the Ball not over the ball, and reverse the procedure to reassemble.