• 285-427021 M Chassis - Wheels

  • $18.00


4x4 Wheels - Two complete Wheels

  • Rubber Off Road Tires
  • Foam Inserts
  • Truck Rims

LiteHawk 4X4 Wheels

The procedure for removing the Wheels from the MONSTER or ACE 4X4 is the same for the Front and the Rear.

Using a Philips screwdriver, or 7mm wheel wrench, remove the large Wheel lock screw and the Lock washer from the Wheel and Axle. Pull the Wheel off of the Wheel Hub, and Axle.


You will notice that the Wheel has a removable Wheel Hex Nut that mates with the Wheel Axle that has the same cross impressions molded to it so that they fit perfectly together, and when attached with the Wheel Lock Screw and Lock washer, combined, they hold the Wheels on, and turning, through any, and all terrain. Just make sure that they are properly mated before tightening down.