• 285-427008 M Chassis -Charge Box and Charger

  • $18.00


LiteHawk Replacement Part can be used on MONSTER MT 4x4 and RUSH 4x4.

A wall plug Voltage Regulator, and a Two place Battery Charger Box made for MONSTER MT's Two, 3.7 Volt Li-Ion Batteries.

LITHIUM Battery and Charging Instructions

   Your New LiteHawk comes with two rechargeable 3.7 Volt LITHIUM Batteries. These Batteries provide the power for the model.

 Please read the following information before using your new LiteHawk.

  1. Plug the Wall mount power converter into a power source.
  2. Connect the Battery Charger Cradle to the power converter. The Cradles lights will come on, indicating it has power.


 3. Insert the two 3.7V batteries into the cradle, observing the correct polarity, and the            charging lights will become a solid RED color, indicating that they are charging.

        4. When the charging lights turn to a solid Green color, the charging is complete.

    Charge times are ( 2- 2.5 Hrs. ) do not leave on charge overnight. Batteries should be  taken out of the charger after a maximum of 8 hrs.

    1. After charging, remove the Charging cradle and the Power converter from the Wall/ Plug-in.
    2. Install the batteries back into your Vehicle... only, when you are ready to play. This will help prevent the accidental discharge of your batteries and possible damage. You should never store  your batteries in your model.

     During Charging:

     - It is normal for the batteries to get warm during the charging process. Do not charge the Batteries on a surface that is Flammable or can be damaged by heat.

     -Do not leave the batteries and charger unattended while charging.

     -Do not store the batteries plugged into the charger.