• 285-426071 RIG - Controller

  • $25.00


A controller for your RIG. This controller is equipped with a 2.4GhZ Auto Jumping System chip, so it will not interfere with other frequencies while you play. This controller is designed to only synch with your RIG. It Requires 4 "AA" Batteries. When turned on, it should have a blinking red power light. When a control is used, the power light should turn solid. When binding (Sync'ing) with the truck it should also turn solid red. It has a soft rubber steering wheel and a forward/reverse trigger. When moving, the first push of the trigger for reverse will be brakes (saves on gears) the second push will be reverse. There are two trim buttons on the controller just in front of the steering wheel. One is the Steering Trim ST TRIM. The other is the Throttle Trim TH D/R. Adjust Steering Trim as necessary. Throttle trim should be turned up fully for full speed. Turn it down to accommodate a beginner that you don't want crashing at full speed, or perhaps you want to drive a track slow until you know it?