• 285-426065 RIG - Battery Charger for RIG 7.2V NimH 1100mAh Battery

  • $12.00


 A battery charger specifically for the battery designed for the RIG. Please do not mix and match chargers and batteries. Different voltages from chargers and different batteries may charge too quickly, slowly, or overheat. Only use the RIG charger with the RIG battery, and follow all safety protocol. Never use an adaptor that has an output of more than 5V with this USB Charger. This USB Charger needs an input of 5V or less.  This Charger has an Output of 7.2V.

 When Plugged into a power source, its Red power light should be Blinking. When you then connect a depleted battery (that is cold to the touch) to the USB Charger, its power light should turn Solid Red until it is fully charged. When fully charged the power light should Turn Off, indicating a full charge from a depleted state.  Fully Charged your 7.2V battery should be at 8. 3V.