• 285-421449 OVERDRIVE - Wall mount charger

  • $12.00


 1 piece Wall Mount 8.4V NimH Battery Charger

  You should charge your battery before first use and after using the battery, let the battery cool off for 10 minutes and then fully charge it before storing.

  When you plug your battery charger into a power source, the LED light on the charger will be green. 


  When you plug your battery into the charger, the LED light will turn red, and will remain that way until it is fully charged. Charging should take between  2.5-3 hrs.


  When the battery is fully charged, the LED light will turn back to green.


Do not leave on charge overnight. Battery should be unplugged from the charger after a maximum 8 hours.
Unplug the battery from the charger and remove the charger from the wall plug. Install battery into your vehicle, only when you  are ready to make a run with the OVERDRIVE.

During charging:
- It is normal for the battery to get warm during the charging process. Do not charge the battery on a surface that is flammable or can be damaged by heat. 
- Do not leave the battery and charger unattended while charging.
- Do not store the battery plugged into the charger or plugged into your truck.