• 285-421427 OVERDRIVE - Lower suspension mounts/ toe blocks (Metal)

  • $12.00


Front and Rear Metal Lower suspension Mounts, and a Metal Front Upper Toe Block. These front and rear suspension mounts strengthen the Lower suspension arms a lot! They also transform a plastic chassis, into a Really tough.. It can take it.. Chassis, built for tough terrain! The Front Metal Upper toe block helps strengthen the front upper suspension arm in the same fashion!

 LiteHawk OVERDRIVE 4X4 MT Front Upper Control Arm:

   To be able to get to the Upper and Lower Control Arm Hinge Pins, you first have to remove the Front Bumper. Take out the two screws from the bottom of the Front Chassis that secure the Bumper. 


   Now you can get to the Hinge pins. TIP.. These Screws are secured in the Toe Blocks very very tight. Don't strip the screw heads. If it is too tight, get a pair of Vice Grips that will grab the round head of the Hinge and attach firmly, then gently twist until loose. Then remove the Grips and finish with your screw driver.


 Lower Suspension Skid plates are shown here.