• 285-421426 OVERDRIVE - Wheel hexes

  • $8.00


 These 4 Metal Hex Wheel nuts, and the 4 steel Axle pins that come with them, lock the Wheels to the Drive line. The Axle pin, secured through the Axle, transmits its power to the pin. In turn the pin, located in the axle and also the slot for it in the Wheel Hex nut, transfers its power to the nut. In its turn the Wheel Hex nut, located in its nest in the Wheel, submits its total power of the Motors to the Wheels themselves.

LiteHawk OVERDRIVE 4X4 MT Wheel Removal:

  Your OVERDRIVE comes with a 7mm metal wheel wrench to remove the steel Ny-Loc Wheel Nuts. The Nuts are made with a nylon inset that locks the wheel to Axle.


  When removing the wheel, be aware that there is a Wheel Hex nut holding an Axle pin in place, just underneath. Be careful that you don't lose the pin.