• 285-421424 OVERDRIVE - ESC

  • $30.00


 This ESC/Receiver, is locked into its cradle on top of the Rear Chassis Cover.  Nestled down in in the cover, it is protected by its own hard shell, as well as the solid plastic of the Rear chassis cover. There is a heat shield over the cooling fins, to prevent burning fingers, that also acts as an air scoop that helps cool the ESC.

LiteHawk OVERDRIVE 4X4 MT accessing the Rear Differential, ESC/Receiver, Dual Drive Motors and Main Drive Shaft:

   With the Battery box already removed and the Servo harness disconnected. Start with removing the Six screws that hold down the Cover for the Rear Diff. and Motors.


   Now very carefully, separate and lift off the Rear Cover, being aware that the Motors are housed in the Cover of the Rear Chassis with the ESC. This is because the motors are soldered to the ESC.


   Here is a picture of the whole chassis with both covers off, which you would need to do if you had to replace your main Drive Shaft. You will need to remove the Servo Unit to remove the Drive shaft.


   Take Note for reassembly: Orientation of Locating Knobs on Motor Mounts for bottom of Chassis.



    Now remove the Motors from their Cradle, and lay them outside of the assembly.


    Take a look at the Snap Clips from the ESC just poking through on the Cover.


   Pick one or the other Snap Clips, and take a medium flat head screw driver, and poke it inward and down, to just get it loose on the other side. Now turn the whole package over. Using the flat head screw driver, slip it under the edge that you have created between the Cover and the ESC, and twist the screwdriver so that pressure spreads the  wall of the Cover away from the Wall of the ESC , and the ESC should slip free.