• 285-421425 OVERDRIVE - 2.4 Ghz Controller

  • $30.00


This Controller comes with all the right features, plus Red and Blue Power lights that signal power to the unit, and then Synchronization! 

  LiteHawk OVERDRIVE 4X4 MT  Syncronization:

  First turn on your Radio/Transmitter, a red power light will come on blinking.


Now plug in your trucks battery, and turn on the start switch on the ESC/Receiver. The red LED light at the ESC should come on Solid and at the same time the blinking red light on the Radio should go solid, and the Radio's Blue lights will come on as well, indicating that they are bound, and ready to roll! Just put the Body back on!


If the lights on the truck and Radio remain blinking, they have not bound. Turn them both off, and repeat the procedure