• 285-421416 OVERDRIVE - Rear Upper Chassis Cover

  • $8.00


This one piece cover, houses and protects the ESC/Receiver, Motors and Rear Diff. The ESC sits protected in the middle, on top with good clearance for the antenna. The motors are slung underneath, attached to the Rear Cover. This keeps all of the heavy weight slung low and in the middle of the truck with the battery, for perfect balance.

LiteHawk OVERDRIVE 4X4 MT accessing the Rear Differential, ESC/Receiver, Dual Drive Motors and Main Drive Shaft:

   With the Battery box already removed and the Servo harness disconnected. Start with removing the Six screws that hold down the Cover for the Rear Diff. and Motors.


   Now very carefully, separate and lift off the Rear Cover, being aware that the Motors are housed in the Cover of the Rear Chassis with the ESC. This is because the motors are soldered to the ESC.