• 285-421414 OVERDRIVE - Battery Box

  • $15.00


Battery Box- 1 piece

 Built for the middle of the OVERDRIVE to store and Protect your Power Source, and keep the heaviest weight of the truck balanced in the Middle of the Chassis.

LiteHawk OVERDRIVE 4X4 MT Battery Box Removal:

  Tip: To get to the Steering Servo compartment or the ESC/Receiver/Motor Compartment, you will need to remove the Battery Box. If you need only the Front Diff. you don't need to remove the Battery Box.

  To remove the Battery Box, take out the Six screws holding it in place.


  Before you lift the battery box out, check how the battery hook up wiring, to the ESC is placed between the battery box and the servo cover, for reassembly later.


  With the battery box out, you can see and disconnect the Servo if you need to, and remove which ever cover you need to work on, front or rear.