• 285-421412 OVERDRIVE - Steering Tie-Rods

  • $8.00


Steering Tie Rod links to attach the Steering Horn to the Front Wheel Hubs- 3 pieces.

 LiteHawk OVERDRIVE 4X4 MT Steering Servo and Steering Horn Assembly with Steering Tie Rods:

 To Remove the Servo Unit. Disconnect the 5 Wire Servo connection to the ESC. Take out the screw holding the Servo Horn in place. Then remove the two screws holding the Retainer in place.  Separate the retainer and horn from the Servo Unit, and lift the Servo Unit out.


     Now you can remove the Servo Horn Assembly and Steering Tie Rods. Take careful note the orientation of the Horn linkage at the Servo Unit before you remove it, and not that it is sitting at a perfect 90 degrees with the Wheels pointing straight ahead. That is how you want to hook it back up on reassembly.


   Turn the Chassis over and remove the four screws from the Steel Skid Plate Toe Block Mount, and set aside.


Lift the Horn Assembly off of the Bearing, being careful that you don't lose that bearing, slide the first half of the small steering link out of the hole in the bottom of the Chassis. Then grasp the ball and socket connection between the small steering link and the large Horn Assembly as close to the ball and socket as you can and lever apart. Now you can remove the two pieces from the Chassis. To remove the steering tie rods just remove the screws holding them to the Horn Chassis. It is possible to maneuver the short steering links through the small hole in the chassis without taking them apart, but it can be difficult.