• 285-421409 OVERDRIVE - Front Hub

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Front Wheel Hub- 2 pieces

 LiteHawk OVERDRIVE 4X4 MT Front Upper and Lower Control Arm, and Front Steering Hub Removal:

   To be able to get to the Upper and Lower Control Arm Hinge Pins, you first have to remove the Front Bumper. Take out the two screws from the bottom of the Front Chassis that secure the Bumper. 


   Now you can get to the Hinge pins. TIP.. These Screws are secured in the Toe Blocks very very tight. Don't strip the screw heads. If it is too tight, get a pair of Vice Grips that will grab the round head of the Hinge and attach firmly, then gently twist until loose. Then remove the Grips and finish with your screw driver.


   With the Hinge Pin removed, and the Axle Pin out. The Universal Drive shaft/Axle will literally fall out.


   You need to remove the Retaining Screw from the Ball and Socket joint on the Front Steering Hub, the grasp the Control Arm as close to the ball and socket as you can and carefully lever it off.


   Now you can remove that Hinge Pin from the Lower Control Arm.


   To remove the Lower Control Arm from the Steering Hub, turn the truck over  and remove the retaining screw from the ball and socket joint, then carefully lever the Control Arm off.


   To remove the Steering Hub from the Steering Tie Rod just remove the screw. It will now slip off.


  To remove the Wheel Bearings, just slip a small straight screw driver through the Hub and carefully push on the back of the bearing, it will pop out. Turn the Hub over and repeat for the second bearing.

              Carefully reassemble in Reverse order.