• 285-421021 Spur Gear

  • $5.00


 The Spur Gear is the big gear in the Gear Box that transitions power from the Motor and Pinion Gear to the Differential. 

Rear Gear Box- Differential, Spur Gear, Motor, Pinion Gear.

  • The Gear Box is some thing that you should be removing once in a while, just for maintenance purposes. It is sealed inside with a bead of grease, that traps dirt and dust from getting in. That grease needs to be cleaned out and replaced occasionally. That is always a good time to have a look at the gears.
  • First disconnect the power wires to the motor, and cut off the plastic tie strap. ( you can find these straps at Automotive supply stores.. or sometimes the Dollar Store ). Disconnect the top of both shocks from the shock tower.

  • Now remove the six screws from the Upper Chassis that hold the Rear Shock Tower, Rear Body Mount Assembly, and the Rear Bumper on. Also remove the two screws on the bottom of the Chassis that also hold the Rear Bumper on.


  • Lift the whole frame work off. 

  • Remove the screws holding the two Upper Suspension Links to the Gear Box.

  • You can now lift the Gear Box out.
  • Remove these four screws to open the Gear Box.

  • With the box open, the Spur Gear and the Differential just lift out. Be careful of the Spur Gear Pin, as it just lifts out too. 

  • To remove the Motor, you first want to remove the Rear Motor Housing by taking off these two screws. Notice where the motor power wires run, for reinstallation.

  • Now loosen the set screw in the Pinion Gear with an Allen wrench, and remove it from the Motor shaft. Then remove the two screws closest to the Pinion Gear to remove the Motor from the Motor Mount. The other two screws hold the Motor Mount to the Gear Box.

  • Reassemble in reverse order. Don't forget to put a new bead of grease down, around the seams