• 285-410067 Third Generation MINI - 2024 and Beyond Chassis

  • $25.00


This chassis was fabricated in 2024. This chassis only pairs with the 2024 controller.

This MINI Chassis Complete has everything ready except a battery, a charger, a body, and a controller to play with it. Powerful motor to propel it to speeds up to 12 MPH. Four soft rubber tires, two-wheel rear drive, and steering trim adjustment on the bottom. ESC/Receiver W/2.4Ghz frequency hopping Receiver Electronics Board, with a large white LED  Light. Body posts are all set to receive any of the three new Third Generation Mini's bodies.

  With a battery attached, the White LED power light will come on blinking. When the controller is turned on, and a control is moved, the power light on the vehicle and the controller will stop blinking and turn solid, indicating they are bound to each other and ready to play. The receiver in the vehicle has a great distance to hear the controller, but as the controller's batteries get weaker, so too will the range for the ESC to hear, and it will reduce that range.