• 285-410060 Third Generation MINI - 2023 Controller

  • $10.00


This controller was fabricated in 2023 and before. This controller only pairs with the 2023 chassis.

This MINI Controller/Radio has the new 2.4gHz Frequency hopping Tech. You will never need a specific frequency ever again! They now all run on the new 2.4 gHz frequency hopping system. You can run as many as you would like at the same time. The trick is to turn on a controller first, then the truck. Then turn on the second controller (a few meters away

from the first) and if no interference, turn on the second truck. Then the third controller.... and on.  This Controller takes two "AA" batteries. As the batteries reduce in power, so will the range reduce in distance. 

  When turned on, a red power light will come on blinking. When it binds with the ESC/Receiver in the vehicle, its red light will turn solid, and the white light in the vehicle will also turn solid. 

 Be careful when using the steering, it isn't proportional, so once moved it won't turn any quicker or tighter a turn by twisting the steering wheel anymore. They break if twisted too much.