• 285-410007 MINIs Motor Base

  • $3.00


This is the motor base for the LiteHawk MINI series - BLAST and CRUSHER.

 Accessing the Rear Drive Motor, Drive Shaft, and Rear Wheels 

    Remove the 3 screws that hold the Motor Case together.  The center screw also secures the Rear Wing Mount in place. Set the Wing mount aside, and lift off the Drive Motor/Gear Box Cover/Suspension Arms, and set it aside as well.


   The Drive Shaft just lifts out, take special note of the Wiring path for the Drive Motor if you need to replace it. The Wheels are just Press fit onto the Drive shaft. Just carefully twist and pull to remove from the Drive Shaft. They Can be replaced without taking the Vehicle apart.


  To take out the Motor you must lift out the Drive Shaft, then remove the 2 screws securing the Gear Box cover and set the cover and Gears aside. You can now push out the Drive Motor from its sleeve.