• 285-400301 WHEELER - Chassis

  • $15.00



Need a new chassis for your LiteHawk WHEELERS? We have a collection of replaceable, single piece chassis for the body of your remote control vehicle. 

    This complete chassis unit for the WHEELERS has all the motors, steering linkages, body and wheel  mounts, battery housing and battery pack module for mounting the batteries in. It does not come with a body, wheels or the colored structural graphic, nor batteries.  With the body off, you just need to remove the wheels and the Structural Color Graphics Siding. By pinching the wheel mounts with a pair of small pliers, while putting pressure behind the wheel, you can remove the wheels from the Chassis. Remount the wheels by pressing it back on firmly, with back pressure on the axle or Wheel hub on the other side of the truck, press the wheel on firmly by pressing on the wheel hub not the rubber wheel.


   With the Wheels off, you can use the same small pliers to pinch the mounting posts for the Structural Color Graphics siding, same idea as the Wheels, a little pressure behind the Graphics siding at the mounting post you are pinching and it will pop off the post. Reattach by pressing the siding on firmly over the chassis posts.


  The WHEELERS battery pack can be found by opening the battery compartment door on the bottom of the vehicle, then lifting/pulling  off/out.


 You may have to pull firmly on it to pull it away, as spring pressure from the battery connection springs are pushing it up. If you can fit your pinky finger under the door, and press the pack back down a bit, pulling the battery cover door out can be a bit easier. Please observe the location of the connecting springs and pads on the truck and the battery pack. The pads on the pack have to make contact with the springs in the truck.


With 6 "AA" batteries loaded into the pack correctly, insert the battery pack back into the truck taking care to load it correctly.


Reattach the  battery door, it can be a bit finnicky to fit the door in its slots without pressing the battery pack in a bit. It gets easier when you see what is happening.  Make sure that you keep the start button off when ever it isn't in use, or it will slowly drain the batteries that are in it.