• 285-400286 LiteHawk REBEL Complete Car

  • $25.00


 If your LIteHawk REBEL should fail you, this complete unit comes with motor and all the gearing intact, so you don't have to mess with difficult attachments. The gearing allows the REBEL to move forward and reverse, with rubber boggie wheels to skitter the REBEL at an angle in either forward or reverse. You don't need a turning function, as the REBEL will skitter around anything without turning.  Always leave the start switch on the REBEL off, until you are ready to bind the controller with the buggy and play.  When finished playing, always turn the REBEL off, let the battery cool down for 10 minutes, or damage may result. Then recharge the battery for more play or storage.  With the battery fully charged, install it in the REBEL carefully, secure the battery door. Then turn on the start switch when ready to play.  It is best to store the battery out of the REBEL in a dry household temp. out of the sun. 



 TIP: Now when you are all finished playing, let the battery cool off for 10 minutes before recharging, or damage may result. If you have a second battery to extend play time, please let the motor cool off for 5 minutes before inserting the second battery. If finished for the day and going to store. Make sure the battery is fully charged. Use a soft bristled brush, and/or a compressed air source to clean your REBEL and keep it in good condition.