• 285-400276 BIG TOM SC - Rear Drive Box

  • $7.50



1 piece BIG TOM SC Rear Drive Assembly complete with motor and gears. Plug and play ready.

LiteHawk BIG TOM SC Rear Drive Assembly Removal:

First, remove the Body (as described in the part, Roll Cage), Front Wheels, and Shocks.  Start with unplugging the Motor Wire Connection from the ESC.


There are 4  Rear Suspension arms held on by a large shoulder screw in each. Unscrew from the Sides of the BIG TOM SC, they are the same on both sides, and need to be removed.


You can now set aside your Rear Assembly.


The Rear Assembly housing has large fins attached, that fit into recesses made for them on the Tracks. This prevents them from turning with the axles, just like the wheels do. Instead it transfers the axles inertia to the rubber track.