• 285-400267 LIL TOM SC - Track

  • $5.00


The LIL TOM SC, Track, is a one piece, rubber treadled rough terrain track, built for the New LIL TOM Snow Challenge.  They will only fit onto the front and rear axles of the LIL TOM SC, and won't attach properly to the LIL TOM.

 Track Removal from the SC and Shock Removal:

 Take the Single screw from the Wheel or Track center, and remove the wheel or track.


With the Wheel or Track off, you can remove the two screws holding the Shock on. Then you can remove it, and replace it easily.  


The Wheels and the Tracks on the LIL TOM SC, have a hexagon cut out built into them, so that they can be attached to the Hexagon wheel axles that they press onto. Then are secured with the single screw. The Wheels will fit both the LIL TOM SC and the LIL TOM. The Tracks are another Matter.


  The LIL TOM SC's Tracks attach to the Hexagon axle, but the SC also has cutouts in the tracks, just beyond the cutout for the axles that are built to fit the fins, that are built onto the front and rear axles.


These prevent the tracks from spinning around the axle like the wheels do, and allows the axles rotations to turn the track only. The Axles on the LIL TOM do not have these locking fins on their Axles. The Tracks will only fit on the LIL TOM SC's Axles. Make sure that the Fins on the Axles are fully engaged, into the cutouts in the tracks before securing with the attaching screw.