• 285-400266 LIL TOM SC - Rear Drive Box

  • $4.00


This is the Rear Drive Axle Assembly for the LiteHawk LIL TOM SC: 

Motor included. This is a prebuilt Rear Drive Assembly complete to the Wheel axles. Comes with the 2 outside Articulating suspension arms, not the center articulating arm. Access and removal is identical to the LiteHawk LIL TOM. The LIL TOM SC's Axle assembly has Fins or Flanges that only fit in the Tracks built for the LIL TOM SC.

Separating the Rear Drive Assembly from the Chassis

Start with removing the top screws holding the Rear shocks in place.


   Now remove the four screws that hold the brackets that hold the articulating rear suspension arms in place.


  Now remove the two screws that hold the bracket that holds the Central articulating suspension arm in place, from the ESC. Compartment.


  You can now separate the three links from the Chassis, and the Rear Drive Assembly is now free.