• 285-400255 ROWDY - USB Charging Cable

  • $5.00


 This USB Charging Cable You can use your computer, TV, Surge protector, or USB wall adapter (not included) to charge with. Don't use anything with a higher input than 5V 2A (2000mA). The Chargers output is 4.8V@ 250mA

Charging the LiteHawk ROWDY:

  Your new Litehawk comes with a rechargable 4.8V  700 mAh NimH battery and has a 15 to 20 minute run time.  Always have your toy turned off when not in use. You should fully charge your new battery before and after using. Let the battery cool off for 10 minutes before recharging or damage may result.


  First, plug your USB charger into a power supply adaptor port. The LED light will be Red without the battery plugged into it.


  Now attach the battery to the USB charger, and the LED light will start blinking a Red light, indicating charging.


  When the LED light on the USB charger turns off, the battery is fully charged. Charging takes about 4 hrs from a depleted state. Maybe 2.5 hrs for the very first charge out of the box.


  Unplug the battery from the charger, and if you are ready to play, install into your toy. If storing, remember that all rechargeable batteries degrade over time, and need maintenance charges if left for a long storage period. Every other month or so will usually keep the battery in good working order.