• 285-400251 ROWDY - Radio

  • $15.00


 Binding your LiteHawk ROWDY to the Radio: This Radio/Controller needs two "AA" batteries to function.

 Ready to play.. Turn on the controller first, the power light will come on blinking


  Now turn the ROWDY's start switch on, and the controllers power light will turn off. The controllers power light will light up when ever you activate a control and move the ROWDY.


  LiteHawk ROWDY Controls:

  The controller has two control sticks, and the left side controls the one side of the ROWDY, and the Right side controls the other side. There is no real right or left, or up or down to the ROWDY, as that all changes during the stunts. What doesn't change is the side of the controller that works with only one side of the ROWDY. Push the left stick forward and the left side will advance, and the right side will not. Push the right stick forward and right side will advance, and the left side will not. Push both the right stick and the left stick forward and the whole ROWDY will move forward. Push both sticks backwards and the ROWDY will move backwards. Push both sticks in opposite directions, and the ROWDY will spin in place. Now you can start experimenting with the ROWDY and create your own stunts.


  Have Fun!!