• 285-400232 BIG TOM - Roll Cage

  • $5.00


 1 piece BIG TOM orange Roll Cage. Made to protect the BIG TOM Chassis and the ESC from damage. This Roll Cage is essentially the body with out the body panels.

 LiteHawk BIG TOM Body Removal:

To be able to access the BIG TOM's ESC/Receiver, and unplug the front or rear assemblies, or the steering servo, you must remove the BIG TOM Body. There are 20 screws securing the body to the Chassis. Start with the 4 screws on the Bonnet or Hood of the truck.


Now you can remove the 4 screws that are underneath the Bonnet, leave the two screws holding the small headlights.


Now remove the 2 screws from the Rear of the BIG TOM Upper Chassis.


Next, remove the 4 screws from the lower chassis, and remove the Battery Cradle Door and set it aside.


Now remove the 2 screws from inside the Battery Compartment.


Last, you can remove the 4 screws holding the body panels at the rear of the BIG TOM, and lift the Body aside. 


You can now access individual electronic components that can be unplugged and then removed.