• 285-400225 BIG TOM - Front Steering Servo

  • $5.00


 1 piece BIG TOM Electronic Steering Servo. Plug and play.

LiteHawk BIG TOM Steering Servo Removal:

There are 5 screws and an electronic plug in at the ESC that have to be removed. Start with unplugging the Servo wiring from the ESC. Please don't pull on the wires, they can break. Loosen the connection with a small straight edge screw driver then lift out.


Remove the 2 screws from the front of the Steering Servo, and the 2 screws at the back of the Steering Servo. You can access these 2 screws right through the upper chassis frame work. With the Servo loose, lift it up a bit and remove the screw holding the steering link arm to the steering Horn ( the white piece ) 


Now you can lift the Servo out of the way. 


Reverse this procedure to reinstall!