• 285-400203 LIL TOM Steering Parts

  • $3.00


These are the Front Drive line parts for the LiteHawk LIL TOM.There are enough parts for One wheel only.

Front upright/Wheel hub

Drive cup/Wheel Axle

Servo Horn 

A Spacer retainer

A drive shaft dog bone end. 

The control dial for the Steering trim.

 Accessing the Wheel Hubs and drive axles

There is a single screw beneath the front bumper, so you have to remove the two screws that hold the front bumper on and set it aside, to access that screw. 


  With the bumper out of the way, remove the two screws that attach the steering links to the wheel hubs. Then remove the seven screws holding the Front assembly chassis together, and carefully lift off.


Before lifting the steering linkage out of the way, take special note of how the Trim pin point has to align with the Trim adjusting mechanism upon reassembly. 


Now you can lift out the main Drive shaft, and the wheel axle and wheel hub will just fall off.


  Carefully replace in reverse order.