• 285-3492 FREEDOM Plastic Plate

  • $3.00


 2 clear plastic tie plates, for securing the jaws of the 4 Axis Buckle. Be careful that you don't lose them, very small and very invisible.

  • 2 clear (nearly invisible) Plastic Tie Plates In the Picture shown, I have used a black marker pen to color the Tie Plate so it can be seen a little easier. Don't lose them from the parts bag, you really need one of these tie plates. Two have been supplied.  Remove the cutouts from one of these Tie Plates. They are used to lock the 4 Axis Buckle once the Drone is inserted.


 2. Just to make sure it fits correctly, and you have tried it once. Attach                   the Drone to the Buckle, White Rotor Blades on Top,and then attach the Tie Plate   to the catches on the Buckle. It is easy to do now, but a bit more difficult once the Plane is built. If all seems good, remove the Tie Plate and Drone. Then finish building the plane.