• 285-3484 FREEDOM ESC

  • $4.00


 The FREEDOM ESC is the brains that keep this toy flying weather it is a drone or a plane!

LiteHawk FREEDOM-  Accessing Body Halves, Motors, and ESC

If you need to replace a Motor or the ESC/Receiver, you will need to do some soldering to replace them. If you need to replace an upper or lower body half, it is fairly easy to do.

First you need to remove all four rotor blades, taking note of exactly which blade goes on which motor , as the same one has to go back on that motor to be able to fly. 


Next, remove the four screws that secure the two halves of the drone together.


Now take a small flat head screwdriver and gently lever the clips holding the  the drone halves together at the motor pods.


Carefully separate the top half from the drone, and then separate the bottom from the ESC and motors.


Removing a motor from the ESC will require desoldering 2 wires and soldering 2 back back in place.  Removing the ESC will require desoldering all 8 motor wires and 2 battery wires and soldering them to a new ESC.