• 285-3453 BURST AUTO Battery Cover

  • $3.00


This is a replacement battery cover for the LiteHawk BURST AUTO

 The Burst Auto Battery Cover does double duty. It encloses the Battery within the Lower Chassis with an easy sliding locking system, it also firmly holds the Camera module, and allows for easy removal of that as well.

 Opening the Battery Door

 When you go to get the battery out of its storage spot in the BURST AUTO, I like to use two hands to open the battery door.  Grasp the left rear of the drone with your left hand, pushing up on the door opening spot with your left thumb. At the same time, grasping the front right of the drone and using my right thumb to press on the Camera pods left or right corner ( not the cameras lens ) and the Battery door should slide open fairly easily, when doing this at the same time.