• 285-3452 BURST AUTO - Carbon Fiber Tubes (4pcs)

  • $4.00


These are replacement carbon fiber tubes (4pcs) for the LiteHawk AUTO BURST

Hard, Flexible, and lite. The help firmly attach the Motor Pods to the BURST AUTOS Frame, and protect the motor wires that run inside of them.

  Access the Motor, Motor housing, Landing Pads, and Carbon Fiber Arm.


  • Remove the one screw holding the Carbon Fiber arm in place. The Motor housing is already loose. Carefully separate the Motor, Motor housing, and Carbon Fiber Arm, by drawing the motor wires up and sliding them through the Arm until every thing is separate. The Landing Pad will now come out if that is all that you are replacing. Take special note of the soldering points on the ESC, of the Motor or LED light that you wish to access, and note how the wires are run. You will have to de-solder the wires at the soldering points to remove the motor or LED light, and solder the new ones in.